The Revealing of the Top Gun Exp Team System

Published: 09th July 2010
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Robert Dean Jr. has been a very successful network marketer, in fact he has made millions in the industry. So what does this small town boy from Georgia know about the MLM Industry that many others struggle with?

Robert Dean knows and uses the law of attraction and attraction marketing, he brands himself in the industry as a mega leader. Which a lot of network marketers do not as they do not understand how.

Robert Dean struggled in the industry of MLM for years but while struggling he was building himself as a leader and making the right contacts with other like minded individuals like himself. After making his first million in Tahitian Noni International he created and set up an organization called TOPGUN. TOPGUN stands for "together overcoming a poverty mindset while getting unlimited income now".

Robert Dean partnered with various top leaders in Tahitian Noni International such as such as Barry Bryd, Hershel Gibb, James Tucker, Tony Fleming and Donna Allen. All these individuals made their first million in Tahitian Noni International. Along with these individuals, Robert Dean also helped twelve other individuals in Tahitian Noni International to become millionaires. So what is the secret to the TOPGUN System?

Let me break down what Robert Dean Jr. and the Top Gun System teaches.

TOPGUN develops the proper mindset (it shows individuals that they must grow outside of themselves) from reading books and learning the industry of network marketing.

It teaches that in network marketing your product is people and that MLM is a language and psychology business.

Let's deal with how Robert Dean showed his team how to prospect and recruit in the industry of MLM using old offline marketing recruiting tactics. If you have been anywhere in the industry or been around the TOPGUN team, you know he teaches you the three foot rule, which is anyone within three feet of you, you find out if they keep their business options open, if they are interested in making extra money or if they are interested in an opportunity that could quite possibly change their lives. Once you have piqued their interest and have gotten a reply you exchange contact information. Once you have gotten their info you now have to put them into your sorting system to get rid of the "tire kickers" as they would say.

Robert Dean explains the TOPGUN sorting system as a washing machine where one puts their clothes in and the machine does the work. An example of that will be on my blog. Does this method truly work? How much money are you losing when your leads say no to your opportunity? Top industry online marketers treat their business a little different.

All of the above works but think about this, if a person is not interested in your opportunity, you have made absolutely no money because you have no sales funnel set up to monetize off of the leads you just generated or at the least, after viewing the presentation that Robert Dean has just done or one of the top leaders, your prospect now goes to one of their websites. Example of such website in which that website actually brands him and speaks about his success. Why would your lead want to partner with you and not him. People want to be associated with success and leadership.

With our system if you say no to our business we still have a way of making money with all the leads we generate. Want to learn more, click on the author's signature below.

If your sick and tired of struggling in the industry of MLM, not branding yourself as a leader, not making enough money because your still following old school offline tactics, take a look at how a former TOPGUN team member now dominates offline as well as online marketing. Learn to make money hand over fist and have people contacting you with credit cards in hand ready to get started in your business. Remember there are people who watch things happen,those who wonder what happened and those who make things happen.. Choose to make things happen and I will see you at the top..

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Ewon Whynes

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