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Published: 08th February 2010
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Is Tahitian Noni Juice a scam? Let me explain this further, this is a marketing method used by many people to get others who are looking at an opportunity or product to review what it is they are offering. This works well because humans on a whole are negative and sceptical, they would look at a negative add before looking at the facts. Case in point, have you ever seen an accident on the highway, do you notice how many people slow down just to look at it. Remember this, facts tell but stories sell. The movie industry sell stories, TV stations sells stories and the news now sell stories and they all make billions. You sell facts and go broke, make nothing nada zip zero.

Now the reality is, in my opinion, that Tahitian Noni is not a scam. There are overzealous reps or as they are know in Tahitian Noni as IPCs that have made claims to the benefit of the product. Those claims about the product goes against the policy of the Company, the juice is a dietary supplement that has benefits. The product is listed in the Medical PDR for non prescriptive drugs and dietary supplements. There are human clinical studies done with Tahitian Noni Juice and many more documentation on this product. Tahitian Noni offers many other products outside of the Noni Juice.

There is also a business aspect to the Company. Now this is for people who are entrepreneurs, people who are looking for a way to make more money. Tahitian Noni allows you to be an IPC or just a preferred customer. If you are not interested in building a business you can purchase the products at a discount as a preferred customer. Also as a preferred customer you can refer others to TNI and the products and this will work towards getting your product for free. Now does that sound like a scam?

Well if you want to find a scam in this business or any MLM business, then you may think it is a scam. People are not use to getting paid for referrals. In fact you will find that in life you will get whatever you are looking for, so if you're looking for a scam that is what you will find if you're looking for a business then it is right there for you. Let's look more at this referral system, use the product at a discount, no enrolment fee, refer others and you can be getting your product for free. Be more aggressive and sign up to be an IPC with all the benefits and make more money by truly building your business. Do this at your own pace, do it online or offline, word of mouth, it's up to you.

Let me give you a Tahitian Noni Company profile and break down.

Tahitian Noni Juice stands apart for many reasons:

. Made from noni, the original "super fruit"

. The first juice of its kind, leading to the creation of an entire industry

. Backed by more scientific studies and clinical trials than all other competitors combined

. The noni fruit in every bottle can be tracked back to the tree from which it came

Based on this incredible product, Tahitian Noni International has set every industry record:

. More than $4 billion in cumulative sales

. Over $2.1 billion paid back to distributors in commissions

. 4th fastest growing company of all time

. 6,000+ people sent to Tahiti, all expenses paid

. Nearly 200 millionaires created

. Over 13 years in Business and still Debt free.

To be triumphant in Tahitian Noni you will need a system to market your business, your products and yourself as a leader. To be successful in Tahitian Noni you need great leadership to guide you through the compensation plan and marketing plan building your business. You need someone who is able to show you how to market online and offline. Click on the link below and let me show you how to build your NONI business on autopilot, generate leads never have to bother family or friends.

This is what I have done to help others succeed at their own pace on their own time.

I believe I have the right company and the right training to help people with a strong desire to be successful. The best part is if you know your in the right company and lacking a system for you and your team this system and business will help. If you are struggling in this industry, plug into our system. Our training system will help you to become the leader you know you are inside. Remember there are people who watch it happen, those that make it happen and those who wondered what happened. Make it happen by Opting in and we will see you at the TOP.

Learn how to build this business on autopilot like all the master marketers.

Take a serious look at this company and the business model. With the right leadership you could change your life and life style

Learn how to build this business on autopilot like all the master marketers.

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