Is 5linx Canada A Scam

Published: 24th June 2010
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If you are at home looking for a home base business to make a few extra hundred dollars or to supplement income, you might come across an oportunity called 5linx Canada.If you are reading this review you have either come across the 5linx opportunity or someone has pitched you on the business.. This is what you've been hearing: "5Linx is A Fortune 500 Company..." "The age of Telecommunications..." "Energy and Home Services""Powerful training and daily teleconferences..." You probably couldn't imagine how many companies promise the same thing.

5linx is launching in Canada once again , What will be the difference this time, what is the difference between 5linx Canada and A C N Canada?

I have been in the industry for years and worked with some of the most successful leaders in the industry and have the experience. I see a lot of potential with 5Linx but feel the least I can do is provide an honest 5Linx review, what it has to offer for your future and how you should go about doing your own research of this company, or any other opportunity.

When I write reviews on companies I look at the most important factors in determining the businesses viability and the long term potential for newly recruited Associates.

Here's what I look for:

1. Unique Leadership

2. Unique Products

3. Unique Selling Point

Let's start with the leadership

Mr. Craig Jerabeck established 5LINX in 2001 and is also the President and CEO of the company. Apart from Craig Jerabeck, the other two pioneers who actively participated in the formation of 5LINX are Mr. Jason Guck, Executive Vice President for Sales and Mr. Jeb Tyler, Executive Vice President of Marketing for 5LINX.

The following have made 5LINX a huge success and one of the top MLM companies. 5LINX uses a business strategy called "MLM" ("Multi Level Marketing") "Network Marketing "to sell their products. This business model works well for any company because the overhead is low, you motivate entrepreneur minded individuals to go out and work their buts off. Most people who get involved in MLM, Network Marketing have no to little experience in Marketing and Sales. They fail fast when they run out of friends and family to pitch the business to. How does this work? Invest a start up cost and purchase the products and service for themselves and then go out and try to sell to others. This is all legal and does work if you know what you're doing.

Lets look at the Product Now

5LINX is a true one-stop shop for all your telecommunications products and services! Whether you are looking for digital home phone service that provides unlimited local and long distance calling in the U.S., Canada, U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico plus FREE unlimited landline calls to 75 calling areas, wireless phones and accessories, satellite television, or Broadband Internet service, 5LINX has something for everyone.

The CU-3000 is cutting-edge Videophone technology


Family Share Plan

PBX for Business

For Small and Medium Size Businesses


Home Security

ID Guard

Identity Theft Protection

Satellite TV

High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet Service

Energy Service

So now lets look at Unique Selling Point

Everyone uses the services that 5linx provides. So it is a comfortable sell.

The Leaders and owners are the same people in ACN Most of the top leaders in 5LINX are coming from ACN, in fact the big Canadian launch that will take place July 24, 2010 are mostly top ACN representatives that have already hit the top positions and are positioning themselves in 5LINX to make it look like they achieve these positions overnight with hard work, when in fact it is an up sell. Remember in MLM facts tell but stories sell even more, so the story will be "if you get in, you can do exactly what I did within the same period of time". What about the people that get in later. Who will show them how to MARKET. See if all the A C N people who now joined 5LINX were savvy marketers and the business was profitable they would not have jump to 5linx because they would have known how to teach their teams to truly market. They are jumping from one company to another that is simply offering the same services that A C N offers. Now don't get me wrong, there are some slight changes to the 5linx compensation plan that may be better than A C N but the end result is all the services that Both companies provide are not unique and your in a very competitive market especially here in Canada where there is still a monopoly in place. To be successful in ACN and 5linx you need to learn how to market. Market yourself and not your service or business. What sets you apart from all the other 5linx A C N reps out there? What Value will you provide to the people who will join you? When they run out of family and friends who will they talk to and how do they use the internet to market their business, service and themselves. If you don't' know how to do any of this then don't get started or you will be the next door to door sales person here in Canada. Are you not already sick and tired of all these people who are knocking at your door offering you the next great service and deal.

Don't fall for the hype, come see how we teach you how to market yourself and your business effectively. Before you become a doctor you must go to medical school, before starting a McDonalds Franchise they send you to Hamburger University. Before you start your 5linx or A C N Business earn and learn, learn how to market, learn how to sell and earn an income even if your leads don't join your 5linx or A C N Business.

See You At The Top


Ewon Whynes

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